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Each Assortment Pack contains:
- (6) 64 oz containers with lids
- (6) 32 oz containers with lids
- (6) 16 oz containers and lids
- (6)  8oz containers and lids
- Each contains 3 each of STOP and GO

48 pieces in all!
$18.00 + shipping

> SafeKeepers™ Assortment Pack


The SafeKeepers™ Story

     What does a trip to Florida, a pastry treat, and a frustrated mom have in common? They were the catalyst for the SafeKeepers™ story. Debbie Finkel, a Brookline, Massachusetts attorney and mother, became concerned when her eighteen month old toddler bit into a pastry and broke out in hives during a family trip to Florida.  A visit to a specialist revealed several allergies: all tree nuts, sesame, shell fish, and chick peas.

     Debbie had to find a solution quickly. She started labeling and segregating food to prevent accidental flair ups. Unfortunately, the labels came off in the dishwasher, leaving her to guess what was in the container, and whether or not reusing it would mean a visit to the Emergency room. Debbie figured there must be other parents going through the same struggle, and the idea for SafeKeepers™ was born.

      As Max got older, Debbie found peace of mind because she no longer worried that he could have flair-ups while away from home. He could spend the night at a friend’s house, or travel worry-free because his food choices were simplified in “Stop” or “Go” plastic containers.

  The best part about SafeKeepers™? The labels don’t come off in the dishwasher. The “Stop” and “Go” signs are printed in red and green on each container with matching red and green lids, and is dishwasher safe, so there’s no guesswork involved.

    Max is heading off to college next year and SafeKeepers™ will be there to ensure his food allergies are the least of his concerns. There’ll be no anxiety about cross-contamination in the refrigerator. Instead, Max will be focused on the fun and excitement of the college experience. He has made the successful transition from childhood to adulthood with a condition that causes over 300,000 kid visits to the Emergency room each year, all because of his mom’s ingenious idea.
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What People Are Saying

"Going for play dates has become so much easier with SafeKeepers™. Sam now brings his own snacks in his 'GO' containers and has some independence."

- Amy, West Hartford

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