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Each Assortment Pack contains:
- (6) 64 oz containers with lids
- (6) 32 oz containers with lids
- (6) 16 oz containers and lids
- (6)  8oz containers and lids
- Each contains 3 each of STOP and GO

48 pieces in all!
$18.00 + shipping

> SafeKeepers™ Assortment Pack



"SafeKeepers have given me peace of mind to leave my son at home with his nanny."
- Lisa, Boston

"Going for play dates has become so much easier with SafeKeepers. Sam now brings his own snacks in his 'GO' container and has some independence."
- Amy, West Hartford

"I no longer have to label my containers. Safe Keepers are easy to spot in the fridge."
- Sue, Springfield

"Cross contamination is not a worry with my SafeKeepers."
- Kim, New York

"The larger sizes are great.  Jack brings in a week supply of snacks to pre-school in a large 'GO' container."
- Elizabeth, Portland

"My daughter knows not to eat anything in a 'STOP' container; she can help herself in the refrigerator or pantry."
- Michelle, New Jersey

"My husband can now fix a snack for the kids all by himself!"
- Hannah, Brookline

"I sent my son off to college last fall with a set of SafeKeepers for his dorm room.  The 'STOP' and 'GO' containers have been great for keeping his food separated from his roommates’."
- Jane, Weston
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